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  1. Eleanor

    North East "Speak of the North..." Northumberland and the Borders

    By Eleanor from UK, Summer 2013 Trip report of five days in June spent exploring Northumberland and the Scottish Borders from a base at Berwick upon Tweed. This trip report was originally posted on SlowTrav. An Overview There is something about the North. As soon as we hit the A1 and start...
  2. Eleanor

    North East Northumberland, God's Own Country - Part 4 (Castles and Stately Homes)

    Again, you are spoilt for choice and this is a very brief section covering some of my favourites. The north east was the centre of early Christianity and Lindisfarne Priory was founded in the C7th by St Aidan and St Cuthbert was Prior here. The beautifully illustrated Lindisfarne Gospels were...
  3. BryanS

    Basilicata Frederick II Castles of Basilicata

    One of the things I find fascinating about Europe and especially Italy are the castles. Real Castles! I take every opportunity in our travels to visit them whenever possible. Our small mountain village does not have a castle but that does not mean you will not find them in our home region of...
  4. italian excursion

    Tuscany Castello di Porciano - A new look at Tuscany!

    Tastes & Textiles: Woad & Wool Woad was the indigo of Renaissance Italy (and long before). It’s fun to imagine Duke Federico relaxing in his woad-dyed jeans, but a more likely portrait is the Montefeltro’s, ruling family of Urbino in Le Marche, posing stiffly in blue silks and linens. At the...
  5. Montemagno castle.JPG

    Montemagno castle.JPG

    A tower of the medieval castle of Montemagno, Monferrato (province of Asti)
  6. Eleanor

    North East Northumberland, God's Own Country - Part 1 (Overview)

    Northumberland is one of England’s hidden secrets. Most people rush through on their way to Scotland. This is a shame as they miss so much. There are glorious empty beaches stretching for miles as well as the largest man made lake and man made forest in the country. Over the years, we have...
  7. Zak_TuscanHouse

    UK castles and gardens

    Zak and Gary from Italy on holiday in the UK to visit castles and gardens, June 6 - 16 Day 1, Tuesday 6 June The drive up from Florence to Bologna was a leisurely cruise along the newly opened scenic mega highway over the Apennines. This trip started well, and with a 10am departure time from...