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cell phones

  1. Pauline

    Communications Making Phone Calls To, From and Within Europe

    Phone Number Basics A phone number consists three parts; the international direct dialing number, the country code and the local phone number. A phone number may show + at the start. This means "dial the international direct dialing number for the country you are calling from". In the US/Canada...
  2. BryanS

    WhatsApp...why not?

    We were first introduced to WhatsApp 10 years ago here in Italy by teenagers, they found it a great way to communicate with a group of friends. Italian phone services charge extra to text between different services (Vodafone to Wind, for example) so this app is very popular among Italians. I...
  3. Kathy (Trekcapri)

    Help Needed T-Mobile International Data/Phone or Local SIM Card?

    Hi everyone, I leave for Europe in September and I'm deciding whether to switch my current phone plan to T-Mobile since they have a good International Data plan. However, I'm concerned that the speed of the Data is not that great and I have heard from a couple of people that T-Mobile phone...
  4. Andrew

    Mobile phone account problems

    I have some problems with my TIM mobile phone account . I’ll put the simpler question first, even if logically what I’ll put later, which is more convoluted, should come first. I have an iPhone from AT&T that can now be unlocked, and I’m interested in using it with an Italian provider in...