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  1. Georgia & Zig

    England 2017, Visiting the Cathedral Cities

    Tuesday, August 22, 2017 - Flight to Dublin, Edinburgh, Lindisfarne Jason, our son, and Ashley, his girlfriend, are staying at our house (and moving from the guest room to our bed!) while we’re gone. We didn’t want to tempt them with driving our car so I put my green truck in the carport and...
  2. Eleanor

    Cotswolds Oxford

    City of Dreaming Spires. Mention Oxford to most people and they will immediately think of the University, the oldest in the English speaking world, dating from around the C12th. Student numbers grew and there was a decree that all students had to live in approved halls. This was the start of...
  3. Eleanor

    Cotswolds Three Oxford Colleges

    I spent four hours in Oxford as part of a mystery trip in June 2019. It is a city I’ve visited many times. The last visit a couple of years ago, I concentrated on the Churches and some of the less well known colleges. This time I decided to do some of the better known colleges. I debated Christ...