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    Zurers in Italy 2022 (finally)

    Trip Itinerary So after three years, we are off again to Italy. Here is our itinerary. 1 - April 26: Sesto Calende (near Malpensa) 2 - April 27-May 2: Turin (Piemonte) 3 - May 2-6: Asti (Piemonte) 4 - May 6-10: Piacenza (Emilia-Romagna) 5 - May 10-12: Lerici (Liguria) 6 - May 12-17: San...
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    Slow Masters Small-scale producers in Piemonte, Italy

    There are many good things to experience in this region of Italy. One of them is the abundance of small-scale producers of all sorts. Our emphasis when traveling there is generally on foods and gastronomy - there is some of the best food on the planet here - but it seems that the region is...
  3. cannobbio garibaldi.jpg

    cannobbio garibaldi.jpg

  4. cannobbio fontana.jpg

    cannobbio fontana.jpg

  5. Montiglio Monferrato

    Montiglio Monferrato

    Spring view
  6. Wine cantina, Castagnole Monferrato

    Wine cantina, Castagnole Monferrato

  7. Captain of the Palio of Asti

    Captain of the Palio of Asti

    At the head of the annual procession, Palio of Asti
  8. Smithy at work

    Smithy at work

    Shoeing Magetta, Casorzo (AT) Monferrato
  9. Villadeati, in February

    Villadeati, in February

    View over the high castle village, loking toward the Alps
  10. August morning, Valley Versa

    August morning, Valley Versa

    Morning sun over the valley, taken from the village of Villa San Secondo (AT) Monferrato
  11. View from our "Casa La Vista", Villadeati (AL) Monferrato

    View from our "Casa La Vista", Villadeati (AL) Monferrato

    Spring view over the hills to the Alps
  12. Marianna and Cesarè

    Marianna and Cesarè

    Marianna's fruit and vegetable shop in Murisengo (AL) Monferrato...and her guard dog, Cesarè
  13. Romanic church of San Nazario e Celso XIIC.

    Romanic church of San Nazario e Celso XIIC.

    On a hillside of Montechiaro d'Asti
  14. Zanco on fog6568.jpg

    Zanco on fog6568.jpg

    The village of Zanco floating on a morning fog bank
  15. Tonco at sea.jpg

    Tonco at sea.jpg

    The village of Tonco rising out of the winter fog