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Alhambra Night and Day Visit Order?


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Hello folks! I am preparing to purchase Alhambra tickets when they become available for our trip in October (which I believe will be on July 1) and have an opinion question for anyone who has been there and done both a daytime and night visit. Would you suggest doing the day or night visit first? We are not planning to have a guide for either but will use guidebook materials we bring along.

Thank you!



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Hi Deva,
I only did the day visit so hopefully someone will reply who did both. I would think the day visit first anyway so you have already got your bearings and can concentrate on the night/light effects.
Here's some other info about visiting the Alhambra that might be useful
And yes, tickets for October should be available from 1st July.


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"Would you suggest doing the day or night visit first? We are not planning to have a guide for either but will use guidebook materials we bring along."

Last time I visited the Alhambra, which was last year, we did both night & day tours.
Before that, we had done the day tours several times.

I would think the order is not that important.
However I have a slight preference for doing the night visit first, because the eery enchantment is more overwhelming.
The main difference is the "lacy" openwork ("ajouré" in French) Moorish architecture, which, wiht shadow and soft light, really comes out at night. The day visit is good especially for seeing the garden of course.

We never used a human guide. Prior research plus an on-site audioguide was very helpful for us.

One last thing: I don't know whether you are visiting in early or late June. One way to avoid high temperature is to do the day visit very early in the morning.

Have a great time.


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Thank you all for the feedback! It's really helpful to hear what folks think. And now I am even more excited!


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We've only done the Alhambra by day but I just thought I'd mention something. ...We didn't use a tour guide and now I really wish I had done!
I felt like we could have got so much more out of the experience by having a guide. If you get the opportunity I would seriously consider it.


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We really appreciated our tour guide at Alhambra. Got a lot of historical and cultural background that we would not have had otherwise. He paced the tour perfectly and was amazingly knowledgable. I can provide contact info if interested.


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Penn, i would appreciate information about Alhambra tour guide.Plan to be in September end.I
CANCELLED my Andalucia trip for 10/2021


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I realize I never posted a follow-up here: we did in fact do both a day and a night tour, and I was very glad we did both. We did day first, then night, and loved it! The night in particular was so evocative and atmospheric!

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