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London Discount Heathrow Express Tickets


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Discount tickets

I'm (fingers crossed) going to London in July (followed by another fabulous week in The Cotswolds with @Kathy). I'd forgotten how much it cost to take the Heathrow Express to Paddington Station so I checked out their website. I was thrilled to learn they offer a huge discount on a one-way fare as long as the ticket is purchased 90 days in advance. It is date specific but that's it! From £25 down to £5.50. :) I can use PayPal which I prefer for things like this. Thought I'd share :)



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It is a great deal if you know you are going to use it! If you can't though, there is also the regular train that takes 30 minutes, it is around £11 and change. Are you going back to London after the tour? I hope to be in London for part of July.
Unless the world has been blown apart by a nuclear blast then I will be on the train on July 11th! Would rather not change a train so will stick with Heathrow Express. :) Only returning to London the day before my flight leaves, on July 24th; staying at Hilton Airport Terminal 5. London dates are July 11-16th.



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I think by "£11 and change" Shannon means a few (10?) pence more, rather than a change of trains, although the advance purchase rate looks best for you. Details here from London Toolkit: TFL Rail to London

yes.. I meant actual change, not changing trains. The TFL is the same route, it just takes a little longer and is good when you do not plan so far ahead.


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There's news this week that the Elizabeth Line has opened as part of the Tube network, and the non-Express train to Heathrow has been rebranded as part of that. For now, passengers would need to change from the Tube to regular train tracks at Paddington, but later in the year it will be a through train to/from the central stations on the new line, getting great reviews. One article:

and if you can access New Yorker articles:

and other write-ups that can be searched.


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And a splendid ride it is: cuts a good half-hour off the time to Heathrow from where I live, and from LCY (though not entirely seamless - the trains on the Heathrow branch only run at 15 minute intervals, and the change between DLR and Elizabeth Line at Woolwich involves a 5-minute walk). I would say the seats seem a bit harder than on existing lines, but the journey times are so much shorter that doesn't strike me as a problem.

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