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Flight Advice Needed


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If I knew of a travel agent with the experience, tenacity and patience to research this, I would happily pay a fee, but since I don't know anyone who qualifies, I'll ask you all first.

We kicking around some ideas for next summer, and one scenario involves us arriving in Dubrovnik in mid-August for a tour of Croatia and Slovenia, then staying in Italy and departing from Rome in early November. Our starting and ending point would be Tampa.

Normally we fly American Airlines, but I may have to research others for the Croatia flight. I'm not sure if our dates will be considered open jaws, or simply 2 one way tickets, but either way I'm pretty terrified of the cost!

One possibility would have our flight to Dubrovnik included in a tour package, and we would simply not use the return flight. The total cost of the package would have to be pretty good for me to consider not using that return flight. (We'd take the train from our ending point in Venice to reach Umbria at the end of August)

If we choose that option we'd still have to consider the one way flight from Rome to Tampa. This is giving me a headache just typing it! I really need some guidance on where to begin this process.

Is this just too complicated/expensive to consider? Are there travel agents out there who would be willing to work with me on this? And if so, how would I find them? Any advice gladly accepted.


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We've been able to use miles from different airline programs to book one-ways for the two directions so much, it's hard to know what to do when the miles run out. As an alternative to the one-way from Rome to Tampa, you could look at a round trip originating in Rome, as we did for the trip we're on now: under COVID rules, Delta let us book a return with a placeholder date, which we could change at no charge when we picked a true return date; I don't know if they still have such flexible rules. I don't know if it's possible for you to get credit cards with big opening bonuses: the Chase Sapphire and several Amex cards give bonuses of a good number of points that can be converted to miles with several airline programs.

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