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Paris, 1st Arr., 1 BR+, Rue St Honore


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Location: 150 Rue St. Honore, near the Louvre - with balcony!
Link: http://www.vacationinparis.com/listing/125/saint-honore-louvre-one-bedroom
Stayed: July 2015 x 5 nights
Travelers: 2 adults and 18 y/o

This was a great apartment! We love this general location for its ease of access to the Metro, a good bus line, the river and some great restaurants (Spring is less than a full block away), wine bars and taiteurs besides being very close to the top "must sees". I loved the high ceilings and large front windows that open onto a balcony! There is a small table and two chairs on the balcony and Rue St. Honore is a fairly quiet street so you can actually use this terrace. The bedroom opens into a small courtyard and is very quiet (but can be rather warm in high temps. There is a fan).

The livingroom is spacious & bright with the dining table is off to tone side. The tiny kitchen has the basics, and a china closet in the dining area has plenty of dishes. We didn't cook here, but you could make simple meals that do not require an oven.

For a couple this apartment is roomy and open; rather roomy actually. The third traveler has the option of climbing into a sleeping loft above the kitchen or pulling out the sofabed. The apartment is as pictured on the website with the exception of the bathroom which has been redone (new tile, door on shower, different sink) and is small but has a great shower. There is a lot of good storage in the living room, not so much in the bedroom.

VIP was easy to work with and to contact. We would stay here again and recommend it to others.

Full disclosure "negatives", because nothing is ever perfect:
-Temperature: During our stay it was very hot & the bedroom was uncomfortable, we should've put the teenager back there and slept in the living room where there is an AC unit which is a bit underpowered for the size of the apartment.
-The washer/dryer combo did not work during our stay: We contacted the local rep who did not attend to fixing it. However, when we contacted the company they promptly contacted the owner who issued a refund of 10% of our stay.
-I have also decided that there is only one cleaning lady who cleans every rental throughout the world and she does not dust out corners or under beds because she is so busy.



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Yes, Chris, good storage in the living room. In the bedroom there's a single storage cabinet, which was done for the two hanging a few things and putting our shoes away. There are no drawers, though, in the bedroom. However, plenty of drawers in living room.



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