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Provence (Cote d'Azur), Antibes, 2bed/2bath house


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Agency: Antibes Rentals
House: Maison du Bateau
2 bedrooms, 2 baths, sleeps 4
Stayed for 10 nights October 2016

Antibes Rentals own the houses they are renting and they are all of a very good standard (and a bit expensive). Tom and Paul, who run the agency, live in Antibes. They handle all the booking and email correspondence. They answered emails quickly and booking was easy. Before you arrive they email a detailed document with information about the house, a detailed restaurant list and things to do in the area. A local British expat, Suzanne, checks you in and out of the rental and is your contact during the stay. She was very good to deal with. Our coffee machine did not work and she got a new one to us immediately. We saw her several times during our stay because they have apartments nearby.

The house is on a very pretty lane between Cours Massena where the almost daily market is held and the seafront. It is behind the Picasso Museum. You cannot see the water from the house, but if you step outside and walk a few steps, there is an open area behind the museum where you look to the sea. Despite being on a narrow lane, the house gets good light. The downstairs is a bit dark, but upstairs is bright.

The house is on two levels and is spacious. Kitchen, dining room and one bathroom on the ground level, living room, two bedrooms and bathroom upstairs. The bedrooms are separated by the living room, but there is only the one bathroom upstairs. The kitchen is large and well equipped. People walking by look right in, but if you find this annoying they have blinds which let light in but give you privacy. The living room is comfortable, as is the bedroom. The main bedroom has two windows - front and side of building. The furnishings and decor are very nice.

From the lower level the front door comes in from the street and a side door goes to a courtyard shared by other apartments in the building. There is a table and chairs beside the door for use by the apartment.

Antibes is a fabulous place to stay. Read about our time there on my trip report.

I would happily rent this house again, or another of their houses.

In this photo the entrance to the courtyard is on the left and the house is on the left after the courtyard (before the one with the satellite dish). The brown door you see is the outside security door that you shut at night over the front door. The lower windows are the kitchen, the upper the master bedroom. On the right at the back is the Picasso Museum and you can see the small open area where you look to the sea. The market is a block away.

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"Stayed for 10 nights October 2017"

I thought this site was for slow travel, not future travel! (Sorry Pauline, I always have to be a wise guy)

Nice write up. We stayed in an apartment in Nice a couple years ago and loved the area. I'm going to keep this place in mind.


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