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Prynhwn Da


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Please excuse my use of Welsh. The title means "Good afternoon". And hat's what it is here in Wales as I'm typing this!

Anyway, I've been looking for somewhere to go and post about travel for a while, as I have become very disillusioned with Tripadvisor. The layout here is nice, and I hope everyone is as friendly as the site looks to be :)

I've travelled a lot in Europe. Mostly the UK, Belgium, The Netherlands, Ireland and Italy, but I've also been to Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Malta, Croatia, Greece and Montenegro. Some of these only once, others twice or more.

I'm off to have a look around now...


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Prynhwn Da to you too, although looking at the clock I think Noswaith Dda is probably more accurate!

Welcome to the forum. I thought I recognised your name and yes it is a lot more friendly than Trip Advisor. There isn't the bickering or one upmanship which can spoil some threads. I must admit I have a bit of a love hate relationship with Trip Advisor. (I post as EESW1).
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