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US Travelers to UK


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Reports of travel chaos at Heathrow this weekend. Very long, crowded lines. This is the weekend where families return from trips because school is starting. Hopefully it will get better.



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That article makes me glad I made the hard choice to postpone my trip to next April. Thank you, Pauline!


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My fully vaccinated son-in-law (UK citizen/US Permanent Resident status) just purchased his airline tickets (British Air) to visit his family in Oxford next month for just a few days. He has not seen them in almost 2 years.
He arrives on a Thursday morning...and departs back to the US on Sunday afternoon. He will get a Covid test here in the US with 72 hours of his arrival in the UK and has made reservations for a Covid test in Terminal 5 at Heathrow on the morning of his arrival. The test at Heathrow should satisfy the UK Day 2 test and the US requirement to have a Covid test within 3 days of his return to the US.
He has also purchased a 3 pack of home Covid tests just in case his return flight gets delayed or anything else unexpected occurs.
My son-in-law works for The World Bank in DC...several of his UK co-workers have made similar trips home recently and have given him their advice.
Has anyone here had a similar experience with any of the above recently? Any helpful tips are greatly appreciated.


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My son (lives in London) visited us last month (US). Tested before he arrived here, and tested before he flew back. Tested before he returned to work in UK.

On another note, just applied our BA vouchers, which have been held by BA for the past year and a half, to a trip to see the family in London this January. So far, it looks like a test before we leave here, 2 days in, then before we return to US. Stu got his booster already (immunocompromised); I’ll probably get mine in November ( 8 months from my second Moderna). Here’s hoping ….

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