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Visiting Cumae Excavations by Public Transport


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Bus Service Between Pozzuoli and Cumae Excavations

A visit to the Archeological Ruins of Cumae in the Bay of Naples west of the Phlegrean Fields can be accomplished by taking the hourly public bus which runs daily from Pozzuoli:


Take the bus, operated by EAV lines, from the terminus in the parking lot along Via Fasano (about 500 meters north-west of the main Pozzuoli CUMANA line station) to the "Cuma Scavi" stop, which is along the Cuma-Licola provincial road, 400 meters from the entrance to the archeological zone. The parking lot along Via Fasano (fka Strada Provinciale di Miliscola) can be identified on Google Maps. There is a cafe/bar (Bar dell'Acropoli) at the bus stop at Cumae. The bus continues north to Licola. A one-way bus ticket from Pozzuoli to Cumae costs 1.30 Euros (UNICO CAMPANIA fare category AC1 "Aziendale"). Travel time 31 minutes. This bus runs along the Via Domiziana above Lago Averno, passes under the Arco Felice, and soon thereafter passes right by the northern entrance to the Grotta di Cocceio tunnel, whose gated entrance is barely visible from the bus IF you stand and peer out the window. If you are unfamiliar with the area, it's essential to look at a detailed map to locate the precise entrance to this tunnel, the northern entrance to which is right under the Via Domiziana.

Grotta di Cocceio north entrance as seen from Via Domiziana:

You can reach Pozzuoli from Naples three different ways:

1. The EAV Lines Monte di Procida bus from the terminus at the Circumvesuviana rail station along Corso Garibaldi in Naples (this bus also has passenger stops along Via Marina, Via Acton, and Piazza Vittoria). Travel time 40 minutes;

2. The Trenitalia Metropolitana Line 2 from Napoli Garibaldi Station (underground to Napoli Centrale) to the Pozzuoli Metro Station (fka Pozzuoli FS) in the northern part of town; or

3. The Ferrovia CUMANA line from Napoli Montesanto Station to the Pozzuoli Station (different from the Pozzuoli Metro Station). This option gets you closest to the terminus of the bus along Via Fasano which goes to Cumae. Travel time 28 minutes.

If you travel from Naples to Cumae without intermediate stops (except for connections), you can purchase the UNICO CAMPANIA NA3 ticket "Integrato Orario" for 3.50 Euros, which is valid for up to 140 minutes of travel by bus or train by different operators.

If you want to break your journey in Pozzuoli for sightseeing or other purposes, buy the UNICO CAMPANIA NA2 ticket "Aziendale" for 2.20 Euros, which is valid on ONE bus or train journey. Alternatively, buy the NA2 "Integrato Orario" ticket for 2.70 Euros, which is valid for up to 120 minutes of travel by bus or train by different operators.

I recommend that you purchase all your UNICO CAMPANIA tickets in Naples, as it may be difficult to find ticket vendors in the hinterland.

At the Cumae Archeological Site, you can visit the Cave of the Cumaean Sibyl, as well as the Temple of Apollo and other significant ruins. There are stone slabs with citations in Latin from Book 6 of Vergil's Aeneid which provide "atmosphere" to the main attractions. The citation directly in front of the Sibyl's Cave is from verses 42-45 of Aeneid Book 6 (www.perseus.tufts.edu translation), which I recommend you read prior to your visit.

Cave of the Sibyl with Latin inscription from Vergil's Aeneid:



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This is well worth doing.

A friend and I went in the winter a few years ago, we coupled Cumae with Terme di Baia in the morning and it was a lovely day. The transportation laid out by GAC is a lot more straightforward than what we did.


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Having just returned from a trip to Cumae using public transportation, I need to correct a few statements in my original posting:

The Pozzuoli to Cumae EAV bus no longer travels along the Via Domiziana, under the Arco Felice, and no longer passes by the northern entrance to the Grotta di Cocceio, but takes a different and less interesting route. Nevertheless, you do get a quick glimpse of the beautiful Lago d'Averno from a northern perspective, and the bus still drops you in front of the Bar dell'Acropoli at the intersection of the road which leads to the entrance to the Cumae archeological park.

There is a small bar (Bar del Capitano) at the corner of the parking lot along Via Fasano in Pozzuoli from where the Pozzuoli to Cumae bus departs. It takes about 5 minutes to walk from the Pozzuoli Cumana rail station to this parking lot. You pass by the Temple of Serapis along the way. It is more straightforward to use the Pozzuoli Cumana rail station rather than the Trenitalia Metropolitana Line 2 station in Pozzuoli (or taking the EAV Monte di Procida bus from Naples to Pozzuoli) if you plan to continue on to Cumae on the EAV bus from the Via Fasano bus terminus in Pozzuoli. Nevertheless, the other two transportation options to reach Pozzuoli from Naples are also feasible, although the walk to the Via Fasano bus departure point is slightly more involved and potentially confusing.

There are also EAV buses at the Cumae Scavi stop which go to the Fusaro Cumana rail station and on to Baia and Bacoli, making it possible to visit both Cumae and the Baia archeological park on the same day.


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