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Wales (Pembrokeshire) in July


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We haven’t been to the coast of south Wales in over 30 years and I just booked a week in a cottage on a farm near St David’s. Since most Brits are not traveling in Europe this summer (have to quarantine on return) coastal places in the UK are almost fully booked. We live in an area that tourists flock too (West Dorset) but I still wanted to go somewhere else. Places are hard to find and prices are high (£300/night for an apartment in a North Devon seaside town!) but I was lucky to find a cute cottage that had a cancellation yesterday.

We plan to walk a lot of the coast path and explore the towns in Pembrokeshire and maybe the Gower Peninsula which I’ve read about.

We have several articles for Wales but they are for north Wales mostly.

Any suggestions or resources?


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Have a wonderful time. It is years and years since we holidayed in Pembrokeshire. St David's is delightful and there is some superb coastal walking round there. The stretch from Whitesands Bay to St David's Head and then Abereiddy and Porthgain is wonderful. It was end of May when we visited and it was like walking through a rock garden with all the wild flowers.

I remeber we found an old dog on the beachone evening who was busy playing on the beach. As one group left he joined another family. We were the last to leave the beach and the dog tagged along with us. We realised the dog was lost. We asked in the houses by the car park but no-one knew anything about the dog. He had a collar with a phone number. We drove to the nearest phone box (no mobile phones in those days). He belonged to an old man who lived about 15 miles away and the dog had been missing for a week. We drove him home and I'm not sure who was most pleased - the dog to be back in his kennel or the old man to have his dog back!

We also did a boat trip from St Justinians to Ramsey Island which was great fun too. We had about 4 hours on the island. The following year we did the boat trip round the island and saw lots of seals. Make sure it is a calm day as the sea round there can get rough!


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What a wonderful storey about the dog! We found someone’s cat many years ago when out for a walk in Vancouver and I’ll never forget the thrill of returning her to her owner.

I ordered the Cicerone Walking in Pembrokeshire guide, the Pathfinder walking in South Wales guide and the Rough Guide for Wales. I’ll make note of the parts of the coast path you recommend. Thanks!

30 years ago we spent a week in Fishguard in a cottage stuffed full of knic-knacs. The owners lived in a new house behind that was completely uncluttered! I remember walking along the coast at St David’s.

We are staying at Nogg Cottages:


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The cottage looks a delightful find.

I remember we bought a book specifically about the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path which had really good OS maps in it, which were probably 1:25.000 which gave loads of detail for walking. I think it may have been similar to this.

We also spent a day walking in the Preseli Hills which took us past Bedd Arthur to a hill fort who's name I cant remember . All I remember about it was it was surrounded by a ring of small upright stones designed to stop attack by horsemen. They woulkd have been real ankle breakers. it was really easy walking oer the rounded hills.

Another evening we were on top of Foel Cwmcerwyn, the highest peak in the area. It was a really clear evening and we could see the whole sweep of Cardigan Bay to the tip of the Llyn Peninsula. We could pick out all the summits along the string of hills along the peninsula which we had walked. Through binoculars we could identify individual houses and even see washing in the gardens!


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Oh, how nice! I have never been to that area of Wales, but we hope to visit one day. In 2016, we spent 10 days in Wales visiting my family who live in Llanelli just outside Swansea. We visited the north of Wales first and then worked our way south until we ended up in our rental house east of Cardiff. I love the Gower Peninsula (pictures below)...almost surreal. You can walk out to Worm’s Head (pictured below) depending on the tide and time of day. I first visited Wales and my family there in 1969 while I was going to college in Italy...I love returning there as often as possible. We are hoping to fly to the UK for Christmas this year...our son-in-law is from Oxford, but he and our daughter and family now live and work in DC.
We had planned Christmas in Oxford last year, but you know what happened to those plans. All works out this year.


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We just got back from the trip and I wrote a trip report while we were there.

We loved this area!

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