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  1. Pauline

    Cornwall, Marazion - 3bed/2bath house on the sea

    Cornish Gems - Seascape Size: 3bed/2bath, attached house on two levels Location: Marazion, near St Michaels Mount and Penzance in West Cornwall Link: https://www.cornishgems.com/holiday-cottages/seascape_3.html Date: September 2017, 1 week This is a fabulous house in a great location. The house...
  2. Cornwall - St Michael’s Mount

    Cornwall - St Michael’s Mount

    Walking to St Michael’s Mount at low tide. At high tide this walkway is covered.
  3. Cornwall - St Michael’s Mount

    Cornwall - St Michael’s Mount

    St Michael’s Mount in Marazion.
  4. Cornwall - Lizard

    Cornwall - Lizard

    On the coast path looking at Lizard Point.
  5. Cornwall - Lanyon Quoit

    Cornwall - Lanyon Quoit

    Ancient dolman.
  6. Cornwall - Men-an-Tol

    Cornwall - Men-an-Tol

    Steve and Pauline at these standing stones that look like 101. We just crossed the finish line on our walk1000miles for 2017.
  7. Cornwall - Mousehole

    Cornwall - Mousehole

    Mousehole Harbor. Tide going out.
  8. Cornwall - Mousehole

    Cornwall - Mousehole

    Very muddy trail from Mousehole to Lamorna Cove.
  9. Cornwall - Coast

    Cornwall - Coast

    Cove on walk from Marazion to Praa Sands.
  10. Cornwall - Coast

    Cornwall - Coast

    Beach on walk from Marazion to Praa Sands.
  11. Cornwall - Penzance

    Cornwall - Penzance

    Historic Jubilee Pool on the boardwalk.
  12. Summer in Cornwall

    Summer in Cornwall

    A beach in Cornwall on a hot summer day (but the water is still very cold).