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  1. italian excursion

    Lazio A Week in Northern Lazio

    Many people bypass this part of Italy on their way to Tuscany, Umbria, Venizia or Como. But a week in this region will surprise and delight; not to mention steals your heart. If you are a lover of Italy, don't miss this special area. And I promise you will return, as I have so many times...
  2. italian excursion

    Lazio My Italian Community in Bagnoregio

    It's been many years since I first started vacationing in Italy. What was once an adventure in travel for me has become so much more. The little village of Bagnoregio, outside Orvieto in the tri-corner of Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio, has become a second home for me. I now make time to go there...
  3. Pauline

    Roman Roads Via Flaminia

    Following Ancient Roman Roads - The Via Flaminia ran from Rome north to the Adriatic coast. Several parts remain visible. "All roads lead to Rome" was true 2,000 years ago because Rome was the center of the western world and the Romans were road builders. It is true today, at least in Italy...
  4. Rignano Flaminio

    Rignano Flaminio

    Remains of Via Flaminia in Rignano Flaminio.
  5. Lazio - Anagni

    Lazio - Anagni

    Ancient town walls.
  6. Lazio - Anagni

    Lazio - Anagni

    Entrance to the museum where you get to see the frescoes in the Crypt of the Cathedral of Anagni.
  7. Lazio - Anagni

    Lazio - Anagni

    Buildings on the piazza.
  8. Lazio - Anagni

    Lazio - Anagni

    We found the pilgrimage trail on our walk around town.
  9. Lazio - Anagni

    Lazio - Anagni

    Walking musicians on a Saturday night.
  10. Pauline

    Basilicata and Umbria, April - May 2017

    We are spending the night in Anagni, a hilltown in Lazio south of Rome, an hour's drive from the airport (FCO). We arrived at 5:30, checked in to our hotel, then walked through town and out into the countryside (3 miles - we have to keep walking daily for our walk1000miles project!). This town...
  11. Bill Thayer

    Lazio-Umbria-Marche Earthquake zone

    [Pauline told us to come back, so I'm back — I do what I'm told…] Although travel anywhere isn't in the cards for me this year, if I could, I'd go to the areas hit by the August quake, they need the tourism. Some of the loveliest little towns in central Italy were affected, chief maybe among...
  12. Italy - Lazio - Ostia Antica

    Italy - Lazio - Ostia Antica

  13. Italy - Lazio - Ostia Antica

    Italy - Lazio - Ostia Antica

  14. Italy - Lazio - Ostia Antica

    Italy - Lazio - Ostia Antica

  15. Italy - Lazio - Ostia Antica

    Italy - Lazio - Ostia Antica

  16. Italy - Lazio - Ostia Antica

    Italy - Lazio - Ostia Antica

  17. Italy - Lazio - Ostia Antica

    Italy - Lazio - Ostia Antica

    Info sign at entrance. Closed Monday.
  18. Day 29 - Fregene, Lazio

    Day 29 - Fregene, Lazio