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Lazio-Umbria-Marche Earthquake zone

Bill Thayer

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[Pauline told us to come back, so I'm back — I do what I'm told…]

Although travel anywhere isn't in the cards for me this year, if I could, I'd go to the areas hit by the August quake, they need the tourism. Some of the loveliest little towns in central Italy were affected, chief maybe among them my beloved Norcia: but in most of them there are still plenty of things to see, and — especially in the case of Norcia — to eat. So by way of encouragement, Norcia, Visso, Pievebovigliana! (Poor Amatrice and Accumoli are sadly beyond tourism, almost completely wrecked. The mayor of one of the hardest-hit towns, can't remember which, recently fulminating, quite rightly, against insensitive tourists taking selfies against the ruins: not cool, those folks.)


Jim Zurer

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Good to see you posting again, Bill. We will be staying in Spoleto next month and plan to visit Norcia and surrounding towns while there. But no selfies in front of earthquake damage....

Susie L

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Bill Thayer, how wonderful to "see" you! Way back "in the day" I recall you and I shared a love of Ascoli Piceno, but very little was written about it, much less talked about or touristed. Travel isn't in my immediate future either, but your suggestion of supporting these areas is excellent. I've been particularly missing Umbria and Le Marche.


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@Bill Thayer - so good to see you post!

We are in Italy now, in Basilicata, and are heading to Umbria at the end of next week. We are staying in Spoleto (and meeting @Jim Zurer there). I was planning a day in Norcia too.

I have heard that tourism to Umbria is down after these earthquakes and I agree, now is the time to go.

Neil Gillis

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Interesting article in today's Boston Globe about supporting regions in Italy devastated by earthquakes. Buy wines from those regions. Article listed some wines from those areas and where in the Boston area those wines could be purchased.

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