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  1. Eleanor

    East Midlands Brigg, North Lincolnshire

    Home of the Brigg raft Brigg is a small market town in Lincolnshire and, like so many others throughout the country, there is nothing really special about it. Its main claim to fame are the remains of a Bronze Age raft now displayed in the Heritage Centre. This was originally discovered in...
  2. Eleanor

    East Midlands Stamford's Churches and Priories

    Stamford is a town of churches and their towers and spires still dominate the town. Only six of the original seventeen medieval churches survive. One of those is now deconsecrated and in the care of the Churches Conservation Trust. ST PETER’S CHURCH was possibly the first church in Stamford and...
  3. Eleanor

    East Midlands Stamford, Lincolnshire

    An unspoilt town regarded as one of the finest stone towns in England. Seen from the A1, Stamford is an attractive stone town dominated by the towers and spires of its Medieval churches and surrounded by fertile Lincolnshire countryside. It rivals the stone towns and villages of the Cotswolds...
  4. Eleanor

    East Midlands Lincoln

    Short History of Lincoln Lincoln is an important regional centre which is popular with locals but has yet to be discovered by the tourists. It is dominated by the cathedral, set on top of the hill, which is a prominent landmark for miles across the flat Lincolnshire landscape. The name Lincoln...
  5. Eleanor

    East Midlands Owston Ferry, Lincolnshire

    Owston Ferry is a small village on the west bank of the River Trent, about ten miles north of Gainsborough. As its name implies, Owston ferry has been an important crossing point on the River Trent since ancient times. Before good roads and rail links, the river was also an important trade...
  6. Eleanor

    East Midlands Barton upon Humber, North Lincolnshire

    Off the tourist beat but well worth a visit. Most people ignore Barton upon Humber as they zoom over the Humber Bridge. When the bridge opened in 1981 (late and over budget), it was the longest single span suspension bridge in the world and soon became a major tourist attraction. Set on the...
  7. Eleanor

    East Midlands Gainsborough, Lincolnshire

    Sweyn Forkbeard and the Mill on the Floss. Ignored by the tourists, Gainsborough is a market town in the north west corner of Lincolnshire. It is a pleasant small town with a lot going for it. It has a long history and was one of the capital cities of Anglo-Saxon Mercia. Sweyn Forkbeard and...
  8. Eleanor

    East Midlands A visit to Burghley House, Stamford

    England’s Greatest Tudor House... Burghley House is a grand sixteenth-century English country house near Stamford, Lincolnshire. I visited Burghley House in September 2019. I've written it up on several pages as there are so many pictures! It makes an excellent day out. Some background...