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  1. S

    Hello all from Rome

    Hi everyone! I used to be a member of the original SlowTrav forum back in 2006-2007, when I ran two holiday apartments for tourists in Trastevere. Then I was out of the sector for quite a while, working mainly for Italy's news wire service, ANSA. But now I've added a new job working again in...
  2. G

    Transportation Rome to Naples Train Choices

    I. THERE ARE NOW TWO RAIL COMPANIES BETWEEN ROME AND NAPLES The most significant change which has occurred in the past few years is that now there are two competing rail companies between Rome and Naples: Italian-state controlled TRENITALIA and privately-owned ITALO TRENO. Many people have...
  3. G

    Transportation Rome or Rome Airport to the Amalfi Coast and Sorrento

    A very common question is how to most efficiently travel from Rome to Sorrento or towns along the Amalfi Coast without spending around 400 Euros for a private transfer. Here I will lay out the alternatives, some of which are seasonal, others year-round. But I will start out from Rome FCO...
  4. G

    Transportation Rome Airport to Florence

    One of the most common complaints of travelers and tourists is the scarcity of DIRECT public transportation connections between Rome Fiumicino (FCO) Airport and Florence. Here is a summary of the current options. DIRECT TRENITALIA FRECCIARGENTO TRAINS Since the end of 2014, Trenitalia has been...
  5. Valerie

    Rome The Roman Holiday Tour

    Movie: Roman Holiday, 1953 Starring: Gregory Peck, Audrey Hepburn Director: William Wyler Rent the movie and watch this charming classic film! Setting the Stage On a visit to Rome a few years ago, my husband Bryan and I spent a day strolling around the city finding the scenes used for the...
  6. Valerie

    Transportation Car Rental Locations in Rome

    Instead of picking up your rental car when you arrive at Rome Airport (FCO) after an overnight flight, consider spending a few nights in Rome and picking up your rental car in the city before you leave. This lets you avoid driving when jetlagged and many times your rental rate is lower when you...
  7. Pauline

    Roman Roads Via Flaminia

    Following Ancient Roman Roads - The Via Flaminia ran from Rome north to the Adriatic coast. Several parts remain visible. "All roads lead to Rome" was true 2,000 years ago because Rome was the center of the western world and the Romans were road builders. It is true today, at least in Italy...
  8. N

    Rome, Tuscany, Venice & Amalfi for Beginners

    By nikkihop from USA, Summer 2011 Two adults and two college girls for week one and nine days of solo bliss for the adults on the Amalfi coast later. Arrive in Rome on June 1, 2011 and return June 16, 2011. Three days in Rome, three days in Florence, two in Venice, one in Assisi on the way to...
  9. Wendy&Rob

    Italy October 2003

    By Wendy & Rob from California, US, Fall 2003 From Rome to Lucca to Strove back to Rome. Wonderful days spent in Italy, drinking in the country, people and of course the food, wine and grappa. This was thirteen wonderful days from October 10th to October 23rd, 2003. From there we boarded Holland...
  10. Itinerome

    Ave from Rome! Italy

    hi to everybody, i'm Flavia and an art historian born and living in Rome. I run a website giving infos and tips about to enjoy the ethernal city in the best way and avoid tourist traps and i m here to help directly answering questions! With love!
  11. A

    "Rome as You Feel" apartment rental agency?

    Hello Slow Travelers, Has anyone ever rented an apartment with "rome as you feel" agency? I am having trouble finding a lot of info on this company and want to make sure they are reputable. They have many apartments listed on booking.com as well as their own web site. On their web page they...
  12. PokeyMindy

    My 50th Birthday Present to Myself, ITALY!

    By Pokey from Massachusetts, Fall 2004 Venice, Florence, Radda in Chianti, Assisi, and Rome. Oct. 3-22, 2004 This trip report was originally posted on SlowTrav. Venice, Magic and Mosquitos Finally! After almost one year of planning, the day is here! Oct. 2nd, I head down via Amtrak...
  13. Doug Phillips

    Roman Holiday

    By Doug Phillips from Canada, Fall 2007 My 2006 Slow Travel Prize was a week in an apartment in Rome. This evolved into twelve days in Italy, based in Rome, followed by two days in Paris in September 2007. There were four of us - Liz, Doug, Steve and Brad Phillips. We had a great time, including...
  14. NorthernExposure

    Seeking help for May/June trip to Pescara, the Amalfi Coast and Rome

    In May, my 15-year-old son has been asked to train with an Italian soccer club and play a tournament; his soccer club, based in Canada near Toronto, has an affiliation with clubs in Lazio and Perugia. This is my excuse -- as if I needed one -- to return to Italy for the first time in about six...
  15. Kathy (Trekcapri)

    Photo Hunt 2018 No. 12 - Painting(s)

    This week’s Photo Hunt No. 12 (Week of March 25, 2018) – Painting A Photo Hunt 2018 category is available on the Media Gallery. I really loved seeing the many beautiful Gardens around the world in everyone’s photos. Upcoming Photo Hunt Themes: Photo Hunt No. 13 (Week of April 1, 2018) –...
  16. Photo Hunt 2018 No. 12 - Painting(s)

    Photo Hunt 2018 No. 12 - Painting(s)

    A beautiful painting in the Vatican Museum in Rome, Italy
  17. Kathy (Trekcapri)

    Photo Hunt 2018 No. 8 - Coffee / Tea

    This week’s Photo Hunt No. 8 (Week of February 25, 2018) – Coffee / Tea A Photo Hunt 2018 category is available on the Media Gallery. While color images highlight the vibrance of an image, I think that same image taken in black and white can reveal the details, character and mood not normally...
  18. Photo Hunt 2018 No. 8 - Coffee / Tea

    Photo Hunt 2018 No. 8 - Coffee / Tea

    Sitting at an outdoor cafe drinking a cup of coffee in Rome, Italy.
  19. Shannon

    The Virgin Voyage - 1998

    Trip Description: In the Fall of 1998, two Italy-virgins venture into heaven and come back changed. Getting There There is nothing like that first trip to Italy. The virgin’s trip is imprinted in the mind more than all the trips to follow, combined. It’s a beautiful feeling, that discovery...
  20. Roman Holiday - Movie Scenes

    Roman Holiday - Movie Scenes

    On the Spanish Steps.