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2 bedroom in St. Germain neighborhood of Paris, Paris Vacation Apartments agency


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I stayed in this apartment with my mom in September 2016.

We really enjoyed the apartment & were surprised at how large it was. It was very clean and comfortable. The 2nd bathroom had a separate washer and dryer. The sink was located on top of the machines, so it was a little awkward as the counter was very deep. The 2nd shower & sink room off the master was brand new. There is a separate toilet room off the entry.

The location is great for walking to many areas & lots of good bus connections nearby. The one downside is that it is very noisy on the weekends. On Friday night, there was music coming from the bars & loud people around until about 4 am. The garbage trucks also seemed to come by every morning.

The apt. felt very safe as you had to enter 3 coded doors before getting into the building.

The agency was very good to work with. Met us at the apartment, showed us how everything worked, made restaurant reservations for us. They included some pastries, wine, and bottled water. There was plenty of toilet paper, soap, washing machine tabs, etc.

The building was being painted while we were there, which was disappointing, but they let us know beforehand & gave us a 20% discount. Checkout was quick and easy. Fanny took our bags down to the curb & called us when our taxi to the airport arrived.

If you are a light sleeper, I would skip this apartment. If not, we were very happy with it.


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It looks like the kitchen is just that one free-standing island from the photos. Is that right? What street is it on? It certainly looks spacious!


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Yes, all the appliances (stove, fridge, and dishwasher) are on the island. There is a big cupboard at one end that holds all the dishes, pots and pans, etc. At the other end is shelf space that holds a microwave & various odds and ends.

Not a layout I'd want at home, but it works.

The apartment is on Rue Mazarine between Buci and Jacques Callot.


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