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Brittany Planning for 2021


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Assuming we will be allowed to travel to Europe September 2021, we are planning on a visit to Brittany and nearby. Our planned stay is at least a month and if possible longer. We will have a car, which I guess is obvious. The question we have is are there preferred rentals for 4 to 6 weeks over any others? And of course, where.

Have not been to France since 2017 and we are longing to return.
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We’ve done a few trips to Brittany and I love that region. The best place to stay is on the coast. Don’t stay inland. They do intensive agriculture there and it is not that beautiful.

You could consider 4 places, 1 week each. I liked Dinard where we spent a week. This is near St Malo on the north east coast. People on this forum suggested Morlaix on the north west coast. I loved that town.

Do a search on this forum because I remember threads I started when planning our trips.

I have some trip reports for our trip and @Eleanor has a very good detailed report.

Here are Eleanor’s reports:

Here are my reports:

There are other trip reports. Go to the trip report forums and do a search on thread title. I found this other one.



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Trip reports give great travel information, I think. But please ask any questions you have. I had suggested 1 week in 4 places but I’m changing that to 2 weeks in 2 places. Brittany is large and I think you might have fun staying in more than one place. But, of course, there are benefits to staying in one place.

I read a nice little memoir about an American who buys a second home in Brittany and spends every summer there. “I’ll never be French ...” by Mark Greenside.


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Someone mentioned not wanting to drive much. For us, living in the far west (CA Sierra), driving is a way of life. The distances from us to a city of any size is at least an hour if not two.

Our plan so far is to have a home base from which we can do day trips or likely overnight trips to places further from base. Hence we would be considering a base that would work for the other destinations we have in mind.

Nothing is set as of now. Could be we consider further north and then travel south to visit Brittany. Just keep an overnight bag in the car for the unexpected whim.

The view as we head to the market.

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Okay, here is a question - any comments re. Gites de France? Plenty of nice looking offerings. Anything to consider?

I don't mind driving but my love of it has passed. My wife and I share so the time passes quickly and we take turns looking at the sights vs. the road.


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Are you planning on using GPS?

We used the Michelin 1:2000,000 maps at a scale of 1cm to 2km. This has a star system for ranking places of interest and also marks scenic routes in green.

I was sure this would be detailed enough. 

However, once we arrived I soon realised that many of the minor roads are not marked on the map, a sure recipe for disaster.

Often there were no signs or different place names were used on successive signs.
 On rural roads signing seems to be designed to help the postman or white van man rather than tourists. At each junction there was a small sign listing all the names of farms or hamlets, none of which were marked on the map.

Vewry often there aren't advance warning signs before a roundabout of major road junction. This lead us to going round a roundabout several times while deciding which road we needed to take.

We got lost many times but did discover amany places we'd never have found otherwise.

There is m ore information in post 3 here.


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We have Michelin maps for Brittany and Normandy. When in Alsace I remember using my iPhone with both Google and Michelin apps. We did get sort of lost, bewildered, a few times in Germany which was close by, just across the Rhine. And we too did a few loops on occasion when in a round about before seeing the correct direction. All part of the fun of traveling. We have round abouts near where we live and they seem to baffle out of staters.

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