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Caged Traveller!


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Or at least that's how I feel!

I've been travelling whenever I can the past few years but 2020 put an end to foreign experiences. I'm itching to get back to Italy and can't wait for C19 to be something none of us want to talk about!!

Hopefully being around like-minded individuals, all itching to fly again, will help my mindset. :)


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Welcome Jennella!
Lots of us here are also dying to get back to our beloved Italy, so you are in good company.


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Hello jennella and welcome to a friendly forum!
Italy is the land of our dreams, too, and we had to cancel a trip that was planned for last autumn.
However, I am also noting the positive sides of 2020 : new perspectives on many issues that, before the pandemic, were not addressed responsibly. The quiet and the slowing down. Too bad it takes a disease to accomplish this. And although travel is one of my great joys, I say : no harm in keeping this at present low levels for as long as it takes. There are lessons to be learned.
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"There are lessons to be learned".

I think one of the most important ones I learned was to appreciate what my immediate area has to offer! I've made a point of going out for a walk whenever the weather has been fit and have enjoyed watching the local woods and parkland change during the year.


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These comments about not being able to travel abroad reminded me of an item I came across last week about a Cuban porter who has never left Cuba, but has written thousands of poems about landmarks and cities in the world. Quite inspiring, even though I'm supposing that he wouldn't mind traveling, but probably has not been able to.

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