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Fall in España - Wine, Food, and Experiences!


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We spent three weeks on the Iberian Peninsula in October.


Starting in Porto for a few days, before heading north to Vigo. From Vigo, we did a side trip to Santiago de Compostela and attended Mass with hundreds of pilgrims.


A rainy day was spent in Pontevedra and Cambados in search of Albariño’s birthplace.


We also spent a lovely day next to the sea in Baiona on Día de la Hispanidad, a national holiday.


Leaving Vigo, we headed to the Ribeira Sacra where Mencía is king and were awed by the geological marvel as we followed the Sil River through the canyon. The parador in Monforte de Lemos was our destination for the night.


Next stop was León, and we were blown away at the beauty of the stain glass that filled the cathedral. We toured Casa Botines, an Antoni Gaudí creation – the man was a genius! We even watched the finish of a 10K race through the city while enjoying the best potato chips we had ever had. Belgium and the Netherlands may have french fries, but León has potato chips!


Another day trip took us back to Bierzo for a wonderful day in the vineyards of The Descendientes J. Palacios Winery.


Our travels took us eastward running parallel to the Camino trail for our next destination, Rioja. We experienced another wonderful few days of great wines and experiences before heading over the mountains to Basque Country in Bilbao.


The last couple entries of the blog are still a work in progress, but promise to finish soon.


Truly a great three-week adventure of wine, food, great experiences, and some of the nicest people we have ever met.

Here is the link to blog with lots of pictures and stories: Fall in España
How about a visit to the Guggenheim Museum, a wonderful walk along the river, and way too much food on this day before Thanksgiving. New Entry: Day 17 - Bilbao

Thanks Beerman... One more entry and I can put this one to bed!
We have been in NC visiting our Daughter's family!
Grandchildren are so AMAZING!
Hopefully close up the blog this week.
You are completely right about your travel recommendation :

"We cannot emphasize [enough] to anyone that likes to travel independently to actively seek out a home base and get to know a resident of the place you are visiting. They will provide you with insight only a local can provide, a sense of security if communication becomes an issue, and sometimes lasting friendships."

Although a knowledgeable and friendly local can also be found sometimes among hotel staff, we have found that staying at agriturismi in Italy gives us these extra benefits and connection that you mention. A family that has roots in the specific region and works its land, has a unique perspective on routine life there. And indeed sometimes friendships are forged that last longer than the vacation.

And I heartily agree with your other insight : "Grandchildren are so AMAZING!"
We have twins for grandchildren - a boy and girl - which make it super amazing... :)
Totally agree with hotel staff! We have not done agriturismi in Italy hopefully soon!
Thanks for the update - [enough] Will Correct :)

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