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Transportation Germany - Best 9-passenger van with luggage space for 9 men?


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I have driven large vans in Europe ( VW Caravelle, Fiat Ducato, and Mecerdes Vito), but the last time I had a vehicle that large was in 2010.

My German colleague and I will be meeting potential customers from the US in Frankfurt in a few weeks and I am worried that the Volkswagen T6 he has reserved will not have adequate for 9 men plus their luggage.

How much luggage will this van, in 9 seat configuration, actually hold?
Pictures would be great!

I have been trying to find a 9 passenger Mercedes Sprinter (yes they do exist) near Frankfurt, but haven't been successful so far. Any ideas on other places to look for a Sprinter?

Any advice or hints will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Fibonacci


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