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Glad to be active again on Slow Europe!


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I spent many years on Slow Travel and learned so much from it. (I met Kathy of European Experiences a few years ago in France). My husband and I have spent 30 years traveling in Europe and always ending up in Florence. We’re now looking forward to retirement and being able to travel even more. (Husband retired in August). First trip to Turin in Oct., then to Florence for 5 weeks and will do small trips from there. Excited to connect here again.


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Jan we are so excited. We have spent 30 years going to Italy and have never been to this area. I read so many wonderful things about this area and am so excited. We will
Be in Turin, Monforte de Alba and then on to Florence for a month and will do side trips from there.


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Hi Kathy! Glad to be here. Hope ya‘ll are doing well? We do plan on getting out to Chianti. Not sure what side trips we will do. Would love some ideas. We usually have a car but they are so expensive now, we will probably only have one for the week in Piedmont. We will probably do buses and trains.


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Hi Sandy. I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time in Florence. I have other friends (also from Slow Travel) who are staying a month in Florence next year. I think they're planning to rent a car for a day or two to make an overnight trip to the countryside.

There is a bus route to Chianti, so you could easily do a day trip by bus to Greve in Chianti and Panzano. The bus route goes as far as the Firenze/Siena border, so just a bit beyond Panzano. We know this area very well, and you'd enjoy some time there. Francesco's winery is a mile or two outside Panzano... you'd love a visit there and the chance to meet him! The colors of the vineyards around Panzano are spectacular in the fall.


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