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Ireland - September 2021


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Am I crazy? I'm actally considering traveling to Ireland this September! Yes, me, Debbie-downer-trust-no-one me! Of course Ireland hasn't ended their mandatory 14-day quarantine, as least as far as I know. And just because I feel safer in the US, how safe will I feel in a foreign country (Covid wise)?

IF we go it would be in September, flying into and out of Dublin, but traveling north this time instead of south. A short trip, at least for us, of about 10 days. I'm honestly freaking myself out right now!


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Not crazy! I have a trip booked to Switzerland, driving there in mid-August, staying for 4 weeks. And right now I am in a vacation rental in the Cotswolds! Things in Europe are opening up. I think it will be fully open by July.

I was nervous heading out this morning because we’ve not been far from home since last September, but everything seems normal. Things here in the UK open up more on Monday. Right now only vacation rentals or camping is allowed but Monday hotels and B&Bs open, plus inside service at pubs and restaurants.

The new Indian variant is a worry, but the UK is doing well on vaccinations and Europe is catching up. Not as good as in the US but pretty good.


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Best might be to get your plans together so you are ready to book, then wait for another month or two to see what happens. Could you make it a longer trip and do Ireland and Italy this year, then Scotland and your long Italy trip next year?


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This plan plan may have just imploded - we just learned that "our" apartment in Umbria isn't available - the owners have contracted all their apartments out for 'workers' who come for weeks or months at a time, and the apartments must be available to them whenever they need them - until the spring of 2022. It was a great way for the owners to keep the apartments rented, but bad news for us. I honestly don't know if I could to to Ireland without continuing on to Italy. Grrrrr.....


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We have our fingers crossed for October ( London).
Any information available for people who are not vaccinated but have anti- bodies?
i can’t find any information.


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I'm still on the fence. The company I was hoping to use for the small-group tour seems to think they won't be running tours this year - due to Covid AND Brexit. The tour we were interested in covered both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. I know this aspect was not well-thought out before the papers were signed, and now the governments are trying to figure what the new rules are, Crossing the border now requires a stop, I guess.

And when I think about going to Umbria, I'm afraid that the cost will be more than I'm prepared to pay, even with the surplus I've built up! Someone mentioned a previous car rental of $1000 now costing $6000 - can that possibly be true???

And then I have to think about flights - how full are they? How expensive are they? How far in advance do I need to book everything? I usually book too early, but this year might not be the year to hold back - what do you think?

I think I've gotten Covid syndrome and I'm just so used to sitting at home that I don't really want to go back out into the world again. But I still miss Italy!!!


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For travel originating within the EU/EEA, the Republic of Ireland has been using the EU Digital COVID Certificate (DCC) since July 19. You must fill out a Passenger Locator Form before arrival in Ireland, indicating which of the following you are traveling with:
  • Vaccination documentation
  • proof of COVID-19 recovery in the last 180 days
  • Proof of a negative RT-PCR test performed within 72 hours of your arrival in Ireland is required.
Your airline or ferry company will examine the form before you fly to Ireland, and you may be requested to provide the certificate listed on the form. Upon arrival in Ireland, spot checks will be carried out on your DCC, proof of vaccination, and/or negative RT-PCR test, as appropriate.

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