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Article JourneyWoman writes about Slow Travel


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I was recently interviewed for an article about Slow Travel by the JourneyWoman website. They have a different definition of Slow Travel than I do and their interpretation of my version didn't really do it justice IMO, but I have to admit that I never really explain myself well. Still, it is nice to see an article about Slow Travel and they linked to the Slow Europe website.

Six benefits of slow travel and why it's here to stay by Amanda Burgess, JourneyWoman, April 6, 2021

The article includes some of my photos. The first one is me with @Janie when we met in person for the first time in September 2019, in Provence. Down into the article is a photo of me hiking with @BryanS and @Valerie . Photo taken by Bryan but that got left out. And Steve must have taken the one with me and Janie.

They also interviewed @Kathy and I think her view of Slow Travel came through more clearly. She talks about her Grand Tour of Europe, her corporate background, and starting European Experiences. All very interesting.

How Shifting into Slow Travel Changed my Life: A Q&A with Kathy Wood, Founder of European Experiences by JourneyWoman, April 6 2021


Steve, Valerie and Pauline hiking on the trails above Positano, May 2016. Photo by @BryanS .


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I enjoyed both the articles about you, Pauline and Kathy, and reinforced for me why we enjoy slow travel especially when we visit France. I cannot imagine doing anything else and saw a lot of what we do reflected in what was written.
If only we could get back to slow travel in France.

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