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Lisbon for two days?


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I'm considering prolonging my journey for two days in Lisbon. At this stage I would be by myself. It seems a shame to go all the way from Australia, change planes in Lisbon and return without seeing the city. On the other hand perhaps I should return with friends. Any ideas?


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I agree with your statement about traveling all the way from Australia and not seeing Lisbon. Being by yourself for two days wouldn’t be a deterrent IMO. There is way more than enough to fill your time and Lisbon has this lovely ambiance that I love.
Spend a bit of time researching the city. It’s also a pretty inexpensive place to spend a couple of days.


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Lisbon is a great city. It would be a shame to miss it. We spent a month in Lisbon a few years ago and loved our time there. Go for it!


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Thanks Kathrynj.

Jan, I think the relevant words for me in your reply are "We" and "our". I'm sure Lisbon, like a lot of cities, is very nice to visit, just not sure I would want to do it on my own.


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I moved to Portugal solo and spent the first month in Lisbon before moving to Cascais. Being there for a month - and knowing no one - was fine. It’s very safe and it’s easy to sightsee alone.


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Thanks I'll think about it although maybe I should just come back and do it properly. I have to be back in Australia by the evening of the 20th so I would be rushing things a bit.

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