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The remains of the ancient Roman city of Ocriculum sit beside the River Tiber (Fiume Tevere) below the modern city of Otricoli. The remains of an amphitheater, forum, theater, monuments and other buildings have been preserved in an archaeological park which is open to visitors. The Via Flaminia ran beside the ancient town and parts of the road have been excavated. This site was partly excavated in the 18th century by the Vatican and many of the statues and carvings found are in the Vatican Museums. This is a beautiful and off the beaten track archaeological site in a pretty corner of southern Umbria.

Location: Italy - Umbria - Terni
Ocriculum is off the SS3 on the left across from where the road branches off to Otricoli. There is a large parking area and a cafe. This is a large site, so be prepared for walking.
Guided tours are offered on some days. Check the website.
There is a good restaurant for lunch in Otricoli - Ristorante Bar Le Delizie.
Website: Otricoli Tourism

Walking Through the Archaeological Park

From the parking lot, the first thing you come to is the Amphitheater. Not much remains but you get a feel for its size. There are good views of the hill town of Otricoli from there.

Next you come to the funeral monuments, a niche tomb and a tower tomb. Near the tombs is an excavated part of the Via Flaminia. There is an interesting fountain along the side of the excavated road. The remains of the Nympheum, sanctuary dedicated to the Nymphs, is nearby. It would have been a beautiful building with a wall of semicircular and rectagular niches and decorative fountains.

The site then spreads out and you can walk to the forum and basilica area, which are near the Via Flaminia, and the theater, built into a hillside. One large building, call the big substructure (Grandi Sostruzioni), sits near the theater and is one of the most interesting buildings here. It consists of 12 vaulted rooms on two levels.

There are several marked trails to take you around this large site.


Amphitheater with the hill town of Otricoli in the background.

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