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Paris one bedroom apartment, 3rd arrondissement


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Courtyard Apartment by Place Des Vosges

I usually don't review apartments but since Paris is cracking down on illegal rentals, I thought I should share the apartment we have stayed at in 2007 (1 week); 2009 (1 month); 2010 (1 month); 2015 (~3 months) and 2016 (~3 months). This apartment has a registration number (#7510300766797) shown in the above link.

The website describes the apartment pretty accurately and the reviews are right on.



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Just Travel- it might be a good idea to give details of the owner or manager for booking direct? VRBO charge a ridiculous 'service fee' (I checked - it is on there and is approx 10% extra) billed as their 'Book with Confidence Guarantee' which is allegedly (google it for reviews) pretty useless and not a guarantee of anything if things go wrong. On a long rental that could be an extremely hefty sum! For no good reason.

If you know this apartment and can vouch for it, then there is no point in anyone paying that extra sum to Expedia (who own Homeaway and a multitude of sites). Unfortunately, even with the magical staysavr app installed (see https://www.sloweurope.com/communit...ing-for-direct-owner-contact.1858/#post-10709), for some reason, this listing does not reveal the name and telephone number of the owner/manager.


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I've also rented that apartment! It's lovely. We were there with two young children, who slept in the living room, but really it's best for a couple. I'd go back in a heart beat.


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