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Passport Expiry Date


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I am travelling to Spain on 27/08 but the expiry date on my maroon colored passport is Oct 2021. Has anyone in a similar position travelled to Spain recently? Will I be ok to travel as I have a return flight booked for 30/08? I know it say's you need 3 months left on your passport but is this strictly being enforced. I assumed I would be fine to travel with the dates provided but I am now worried!

Any information would be great.


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Why take the chance? You have time to renew your passport before you go. The airline may be the one that stops you.

From the UK government website:
Make sure your passport is:
  • valid for at least 3 months after the day you plan to leave Spain, or any other Schengen country
  • less than 10 years old
The 3 months you need when leaving a country must be within 10 years of the passport issue date.



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Thanks for the reply Pauline. I have sent my passport off for renewal 2 weeks ago but I am yet to receive any notifications that it has been approved. As I travel in 9 days I thought in a worst case scenario, I could request my passport to be sent back to me and try and travel. Nerve wracking times!

Ian Sutton

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Definitely a major risk, so if you can't get the renewal, or it looks like a risk, then contact the passport office urgently and see what can be done.

I know it sounds crazy, expiry date not meaning expiry date, but it is what it is.


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Thanks for the reply Pauline. I have sent my passport off for renewal 2 weeks ago but I am yet to receive any notifications that it has been approved.
Yikes! I read your dates wrong and thought you were traveling in October. Definitely contact the passport office. I renewed my UK passport earlier this year and it was very quick.


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I just saw this thread. I wonder what happened to the OP.

A couple years ago a neighbor of ours was traveling to Italy and had less than 3 months left on her passport. She was only going for a week, but we told her she might not be able to get into the country. As it turns out she couldn't even get on the plane. The airline denied her access. I'm guessing they probably do this because they would have to fly her back for free if Italy denied her entry.

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