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Planning to travel Italy!


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Hello! While I would love to travel the world my teacher budget limits me. For now my daughter and I are planning a trip to Italy in 2024. I lived there for a year in 1991/92 as a child (Abruzzo region- Castelnuovo, Vomano) and have so many rich memories. I have been dying to get back since! We are mostly thinking of focusing on Tuscany, although we really want to go everywhere! Maybe could spend a couple days on the Amalfi coast. Overall only can afford a couple weeks. Hoping to swap stories and read others’ experiences to guide our trip, and fantasize about future vacations!
Hello Alanna and welcome here!
Looks live you have a fun time ahead of you researching and planning your trip - lots to consider if it's been thirty years. Don't hesitate to ask for advice, this is a friendly forum. Remember, too, that most people here will advise you to focus less on "everywhere", and more on getting to know fewer places in a more immersive way. But of course you're the pilot.... :)
Welcome Alanna

I hope you enjoy it here and it helps you reconnect with Italy

if focusing on Tuscany, I reckon it's good to do the whole 2 weeks there. There is enough to see and do, and by staying in one region, the transfers are easy, not losing most of the transfer day as you would if you added Amalfi Coast in.
We did that a few years ago, taking in Montepulciano (which we very much enjoyed); Siena (a bit of a miss for us, but others like the city); Pisa (both a hellishly tourist blighted place AND an under the radar gem). That still left out places like Firenze/Florence, Lucca, San Gimignano, the heart of Chianti wine region, etc, etc.

Alternatively we've also had a 2 base holiday on the Amalfi coast (Ravello and Pogerola) with an easy taxi transfer between them.

A final thought? What about including Castelnuovo in, perhaps alongside Pescara or Roma or L'Aquila? The thinking for going back to Castelnuovo, is that you may well be able to reconnect with people from your stay there, and that it may open up the hospitality that can be so special in Italy.

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