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Refund from SwissAir


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I decided to postpone my retirement vacation to Italy until next October. I had bought RT tickets directly from SwissAir and I'm happy to report that today I received a full refund. I initially contacted them via Messenger on Twitter (which had been recommended for me to do). This was on July 2nd. I had maybe 3 interactions with them over a 2 weeks span. They offered vouchers, etc. I told them none of their options were acceptable and that I required a full refund. :) Everyone I messaged was very kind and respectful. I'm glad I booked directly with them because I've heard of horror stories of people trying to get refunds from them but booked through a 3rd party.

I am hoping...REALLY REALLY hoping I can travel to Paris and to the Luberon in May 2021. (the Luberon Experience with @Kathy) If so, I will fly with Swiss Air again if possible.

My advice, contact airline via Twitter or Facebook messenger. I'm glad I did! My sister and her husband are still trying to get reimbursed for their Swiss Air flight (from a cancelled trip in June). They got most of their money but still waiting for reimbursement for money they paid for extra leg room I told her to create a Twitter account and reach out to them that way.:p

Stay well everyone!

Mindy :snailorange:

Sharon J

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Sad to say, I'll probably be canceleding our October trip soon. Waiting until around the first of September to make the call. Hopefully, our May trip for next year won't be canceled, but losing hope.


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