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Robin from Vancouver, Canada


New Member
Hi Everyone,

My name is Robin and I'm a historical fiction novelist from Vancouver, BC, Canada.

I'm excited to be here after a friend and fellow novelist recommended it. I used posts from Slow Europe last year to deeply influence where I went and what I visited on a 2-week trip to the Loire Valley. So, it makes even more sense to join in here as I start planning for a 2.5 week novel research trip to Andalusia this October.

For me, slow travel is about the chance to stay in one place long enough to connect with the storytellers. I go to see things, yes. More significantly, I go to experience the ancient world and stick around long enough to run into the cool and interesting characters who inhabit those spaces.

I tend to be a person who plans a lot and then lets a travel experience unfold within those plans. Itineraries rarely end up being adhered to, and I'm a big fan of the places people often miss or undervalue. Those are usually where the magic happens.

I'm looking forward to connecting with many of you.


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