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Saint-Raphaël, 1 Bedroom


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Rented May 2017 for 7 days
Link: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/15352465

The unit is located 4/10th of a mile northwest from the train station and is very close to the border of Frejus. It's a very easy walk. The beach is 3/10th of a mile from the unit. Saint-Raphaël and Frejus have beautiful sandy beaches. Very quiet unit on 1st floor. There is an Intermarché Express grocery store on the main floor, which is extremely convenient.

The unit is very clean with a fully equipped kitchen, fast WiFi, TV, washer, air conditioning, elevator and a large balcony.

The owner is very friendly and answers quickly to any questions, and meets you at the unit to explain everything. His English is limited, so knowing a little French is helpful. He also gave us a nice bottle of wine when we arrived.

I would not hesitate to rent this unit again. It was a wonderful experience.
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The owner of the unit does have pictures available on Airbnb. Here's a few pictures I took:

Large balcony

When you walk down to the Mediterranean from the unit and go west. you are suddenly in Frejus

Beautiful sandy beach

View off the balcony


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We visited Frejus last October when we were staying in Antibes. I loved the remains of the Roman Aqueduct and it looked like an interesting town. We saw the remains of the amphitheater too.



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