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Small Group Tour of Morocco


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I got sucked down a travel maze and ended up going from Ireland to Turkey to Morroco, and I just thought "Why not??" So, I'm considering a 15 day National Geographic small group ( 10 max) tour next spring.

If anyone wants to see what we're considering, I'll post the links. I'm not sure whether anyone will respond!


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I am interested. I’ve wanted to go to Morocco. A friend did a National Geographic Small Group Tour to Japan and loved it. @Kathy went to Morocco a few years ago. I remember reading the details but am not sure where.


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Yeah, I guess I've had it in the back of my mind for a while now, never really sure when or how we'd coordinate Morocco with our time in Italy - and other travels.

I started out looking at this small group tour (max 22) at Gate One, then found this THIS company that features the National Geographic tours and even smaller groups (max 10!).

Now I'm stuck, not really knowing what questions to ask or how to proceed. I need to find that sweet spot with a tour at a good time, weather-wise and a good value, price-wise. Does one of the tours offer something the other doesn't? (I'm thinking either would be fantastic!) Additionally I need to see exactly what flight options are offered - I don't think flying directly to Casblanca is an option.

I guess my post here is just me, thinking out loud - again.


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Art wants to do the larger group. I'm leaning towards the smaller (Natl Geographic) tour because I think it'll be more intimate - how can it not be??? Art thinks they'll be more diversity in a larger group, and a better chance we'll have compatible travel companions. Age really isn't that much of a factor for me, and since neither tour is what I would call cheap, I can't imagine that one would attract a young, ready-to-party crowd. Or am I out-of-touch?

The Natl Geo tour rings in at about $8700 for both of us, beginning/ending with airfare between JFK and Casablanca, the tour itself, plus one extra night at the beginning. Not included are the flights to/from Tampa to JFK, or the JFK hotel for one night, possible two. Oh, and I also have to add in the cost of travel insurance. Allianz quoted me $450 pp for an annual policy - because I was thinking we could start it now and it would cover us when we go to Italy this fall, but then I read that the annual policy doesn't cover trips over 45 days.

The GateOne trou comes in at $6700, and they offer travel insurance through John Hancock for $259 per person.

As tempted as I am to save money, I don't want to be penny wise and pound foolish. OTOH, $2000 is a significant amount of money. I've talked myself into a corner and I'm stuck!


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I would work out the cost per night. Subtract the flight costs, then was does it cost per night? That gives you a good idea.

I’ve been looking at travel Insurance too since medical is not covered in Switzerland after Brexit (it is covered in the EU as it was before). I found a British company, Saga, where you can pick your max trip length on a yearly plan - 45, 60 or 90 days. 45 days is good for us. Other companies had a 30 day max for people over 70!


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Even 90 days would work for us, but 45 will never work for us, at least when we're in Italy. I'm about to make a decision, but I can tell you that the Gate One tour is much less expensive on a per night basis. Art and I keep going around in circles - does the lower cost mean the hotels aren't as nice? Is the higher cost justified by the smaller group? Additionally, since no one has traveled for the last 18 months it's really hard to compare reviews!


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And I just booked the TWA hotel at JFK so we can fly to NY the day before. AND - I bought tickets to see Hamilton!!!! THIS is part of the reason I chose the Morocco tour - I didn't mind spending the extra $2500, I just wanted my $$$ to stretch further. Now I feel relieved.

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Barb, I've got a friend who can afford to take whatever tour she likes and she's gone on several Gate One tours because she really likes how they organize. Sounds like you made a good choice! Enjoy!

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