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Best place to stay in Lake Como


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Are you looking for a hotel or an apartment?

As far as best time of year, we always prefer spring or fall for all of Italy. That being said, we've been there in summer and winter and have never been disappointed.


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Where is better to stay while in Lake Como, a hotel or apartment. Never thought about an apartment while on vacation.
I like to travel to Italy in the Spring (April/May).

Sharon J

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We have stayed in Varenna on Lake Como for many years. We will be staying there again next May. We Always stay at Albergo Milano in Varenna. It is directly on the lake and it is a small boutique type hotel. Breakfast is included in the price. It is owned by a husband and wife, and the husband is also the chef for the hotel, serving dinner. Email is,,, reservations@varenna.net. They are open to the public for dinner, and he cooks all the meals. There are several choices for rooms, but we always stay in Room #1 or 2. #1 has a shower, and #2 tub with shower. They each have a lovely large terrace, and we spend many hours relaxing with the beautiful view of the lake. Parking can be an issue in Varenna, and the hotel does offer parking in the town parking garage. I believe it is 15 Euro per day. We used to park for free on the street, but there are more tourist now, and you can't be sure to find a spot.

This is a small town, and many hotels and apartments are on small alleyways with several facing the lake. Albergo Milano is a short walk along the lake to the Water Ferry's. We alway take the Ferry just to visit some of the other towns or just for a wonderful view of the lake. Bellagio is a fun town to visit, but we find the town of Como itself rather dull. Some really wonderful restaurants in Varenna, including the place right across from the Albergo. Another tiny restaurant is a short walk from the hotel, and the owner is also the chef. All these places are very popular, so reservations in advance are a must.

We usually visit Italy in May and October.
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A few years ago we stayed for a week so we rented an apartment. We had the whole top floor of a 3 story building with parking. I forget what we paid, but it was very reasonable. I tried a brief search for it and couldn't find a listing. I have a feeling the owner may have sold the building.

On our last trip there a couple years ago we stayed at the Palace Hotel. It is centrally located right on the lake. We were very pleased with our stay.

When we go back we will try another town on the lake. I will definitely check out Sharon's recommendation.

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