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Hiking in the Dolomites, Italy in 2020


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As we've probably told you, we really like Baden Baden: I see from my notebook that we've stayed there at the beginning of 9 of our 11 Ostuni road trips!
A shame about the weather (both in Südtirol and for that return journey): driving the Autobahn in heavy rain is never very nice. But it was lovely to see your photos of the Seiseralm & Ortisei: nice memories of our time there quite a few years ago now.
Welcome home! And while I certainly wouldn’t want to be in Trump's America right now, I'm not sure that we're doing very much better over here... (whoops - is that too political for SE?:garlicman: )


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We made it home at 8pm Saturday night after 12 hours on the road. The autoroute in France was empty. The Chunnel area was not busy but we managed to read a sign wrong and spent 30 minutes driving around that area of shopping malls and not finding the Chunnel. Roads home were good.

Photos of food things we hauled home.


From Switzerland: rosti, muesli, alpine herbs, linzertorte, cookies, cough drops, toothpaste.


From Italy: dried porcini, pesto, pasta sauce, honey.


From France: olive oil, salt, toothpaste. We stopped at a natural foods shop in Abbeville on the way down.